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What Miami Residents Can Benefit from Lumineers?

While not every patient was born with a beautiful smile, it doesn't mean that individuals have to put up with imperfections. With advances in dental technologies, materials, and techniques, patients can now enjoy a variety of cosmetic restorations, including Lumineers. Miami Modern Dental is proud to offer Lumineers, a specific brand of porcelain veneers that requires minimal tooth enamel removal for placement. This is one extremely conservative way for patients to improve their smile by hiding imperfections.

Lumineers are thin pieces of porcelain material that are bonded over teeth to change their appearance. They are so thin that they rarely require the removal of tooth enamel to place, which is typically needed for traditional porcelain veneers. Dr. Pasquier loves using Lumineers, as it allows him to change the patient's smile conservatively, usually without the removal of otherwise healthy tooth structure. They are created to match the color, shape, and overall look of the patient's teeth so that they look completely natural and blend in perfectly to their smile.

Many Miami residents can benefit from Lumineers. Since they are bonded to the front of natural teeth, they can change the entire appearance of a patient’s smile. Lumineers can be used on one or more teeth to change their shape, color, size, or alignment. Patients with a single crooked tooth can use Lumineers instead of orthodontics to improve their smile quickly. Patients who want an entire smile makeover can use Lumineers over all of their front teeth to revamp their smile completely. The possibilities are endless, and can assist patients in achieving the smile of their dreams by addressing one or more teeth with porcelain veneers.

Lumineers are an affordable way for patients to change their smile, and are offered through Miami Modern Dental. Dr. Pasquier and his team of dental experts will consult with patients to determine if Lumineers are right for them to improve their smile and make them happier and more confident about the way they look. Call today to schedule your consultation appointment and examination to find out if Lumineers can improve your smile!

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