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Miami area patients want to know how to whiten veneers

Porcelain veneers are a wonderful way to brighten smiles and address imperfections that may be troublesome to patients. Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. of Miami Modern Dental work with patients who are interested in cosmetic improvements and will often suggest porcelain veneers. They are conservative, easy to fabricate and custom-made for patients, can be placed and completed within a few weeks, and are stain resistant. However, when patients are considering procedures such as teeth whitening, they may ask their dentists how to whiten veneers.

Unfortunately, porcelain veneers cannot be whitened. They are resistant to staining, unlike composite resin bonding, and are meant to last many years without replacement. However, patients who are interested in permanently whitening their smile with regular whitening services may want to consider having their porcelain veneers replaced. This is because the veneers are made to match the color of the teeth within the smile, and if these are whitened several shades lighter, the porcelain veneers will stand out as dark and inconsistent with the appearance of the teeth.

Patients who are interested in undergoing regular appointments for professional whitening and have restorations such as veneers, crowns, or bridges within their smile may be the perfect candidate for updating their smile with new, whiter veneers. However, patients must be serious about whitening their smile for good or their teeth will darken and the veneers will stand out because they are whiter then the rest. Maintaining the results of whitening is important for those who are interested in paying the money to replace their porcelain veneers accordingly.

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. encourage patients to make an appointment at Miami Modern Dental to learn about the options available for brightening the smile and doing so with existing restorations. We welcome new and existing patients in and around the community to consider enhancing the smile with teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic procedures readily available in our practice with some of the latest, cutting-edge technology and instruments for improved performance and beautiful, natural-looking results.

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