Porcelain veneers are often the aesthetic treatment of choice for many patients who are ready to address imperfections of their smile. These restorations are best for disguising areas of concern including breakage, permanent staining, and even misalignment. Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. of Miami Modern Dental often suggest porcelain veneers for patients who want to achieve a more beautiful smile quickly and affordably.

There are many advantages to placing porcelain veneers, including:


Porcelain veneers can last many years even decades when patients maintain their oral health and visits with Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. at least twice a year for cleanings and examinations.


Porcelain is a material that closely resembles that of natural tooth enamel, making it the most desirable option when it comes to fabricating dental restorations.


Porcelain veneers are an affordable option to alternative treatments such as orthodontics, which can also take many years to achieve desirable results.


Porcelain veneers can cover many problems within the smile making them one of the most versatile solutions for cosmetic dentistry.

Patients interested in learning more about porcelain veneers and the advantages they provide are encouraged to contact Miami Modern Dental to schedule a consultation appointment with Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. today.

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