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Dental Implants vs. Dentures

For those who are missing teeth, either from periodontal disease, bone loss, or an accident, there are several options available to replace those teeth, restoring function and appearance. Two of the most popular considerations are dental implants and dentures. Which one is best for you?

Dentures have some benefits over dental implants. They are non-invasive, and typically a less expensive option. Since partial and full dentures are available, they can replace one tooth, several, or all of your teeth.

But many denture-wearers are dissatisfied with them as a long-term option, because daily care is needed. Dentures must be removed and cleaned in order for them to last and to prevent bad breath. They require regular realignment and replacement since they wear from daily use. Full dentures cover the roof of the mouth, an unnatural sensation. If not properly fitted, they can rub and cause discomfort or mouth sores. They may slip or pop out unexpectedly while talking or eating.

Dental implants are a viable solution for long-term tooth replacement. An implant is essentially a titanium rod placed into the bone of the jaw. It acts as a stable artificial root for a crown – your new tooth placed on top. Dental implants look natural and function as permanent teeth. They do not require daily attention or special care (just your usual good oral hygiene), and can be monitored for damage or problems at your regular dental check-up appointments.

However, they can be initially more costly than dentures, and it takes some time for the implant to integrate into the jaw, once placed. They cannot be done on individuals who have bone loss or weak bone structure in the jaw.

There are pros and cons to both alternatives – dentures and dental implants. It is essential to discuss your tooth replacement options with our dentists to find out which solution is best for you, taking your budget, lifestyle, and desires into consideration.

Call Dr. Pasquier today to schedule a free consultation appointment and find out whether dentures or dental implants can improve the look and feel of your smile!

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