Teeth bleaching treatment options in Miami, FL area practice

One of the most commonly requested cosmetic treatments at Miami Modern Dental is that of professional teeth whitening. Many patients have discoloration or yellowing of their teeth from either genetics, their favorite foods and beverages, or even medications that can stain teeth from the inside out. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and his team at Miami Modern Dental can provide solutions with two popular bleaching treatment options in the practice.

What sets professional whitening solutions apart from over-the-counter treatments?

At Miami Modern Dental, we know that there are a number of options out there for patients who are considering whitening their smiles. A simple walk down the local drugstore’s oral care aisle will reveal a variety of whitening treatment options including toothpastes, strips, pens, and trays. However, many patients spend hundreds of dollars trying these treatments with little to no results. Instead, the staff of Miami Modern Dental encourages patients to see the difference with professional options.

Professional whitening is done under the care and attention of a dentist, ensuring that the treatment is done safely and effectively. Additionally, the bleaching gels available at a dental office are much stronger and more concentrated than anything in the oral care aisle at the local store. This means that the whitening power is multiplied to ensure amazing, noticeable results. While the power of these whitening products are stronger, they are safer than ever to use for the teeth, and many patients can greatly reduce sensitivity that they may experience with over-the-counter products.

What teeth bleaching treatment are available?

Dr. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. at Miami Modern Dental encourages patients to learn about the two whitening options available in his practice, including in-office power bleaching and take-home whitening kits.

  • In-office bleaching – with in-office bleaching, patients are able to enjoy same-day results with their whitening procedure. Within approximately two hours, patients will have teeth that are up to eight shades whiter than when they sat in the dental chair at the beginning of their appointment! This is done by using in-office power bleaching systems. Patients have an initial cleaning of their smile, which removes plaque, tartar, and calcium from the surfaces of the teeth so the whitening product can work its magic. Then, barrier gel is applied to the gums to protect the soft issues. A whitening gel is then administered onto all the visible surfaces of the teeth, and are activated using a special light while patients relax in the dental chair. Once completed, the gels are removed and the teeth are cleaned once again to reveal a more brilliant smile than ever before!
  • Take-home whitening kits – as an alternative, or a complementary treatment to go alongside in-office whitening, our staff at Miami Modern Dental also provides take-home whitening kits. These kits are special products that are available only at the dental office and not over-the-counter. The whitening kits include custom-made whitening trays that are fabricated by our dental staff to ensure patients have the proper fit and function. Patients are also given professional-grade strength whitening gels that can be administered into the trays and worn for a specific period of time each day to gradually brighten the smile. While the take-home whitening kits will take a week or two to provide results, it can be easily compared to the results achieved with the in-office power bleaching. Some patients who choose to have the in-office treatment may also obtain our take-home whitening kits to use at home to continue to brighten their smile in a private setting.

Which one is right for me?

Determining the whitening treatment right for you may come down to time and cost. If you are in a bind before a wedding or special social event and want to look your best, in-office power bleaching may be the right choice for you. Otherwise, many love the savings of our take-home kits.

Why choose professional whitening?

Professional teeth bleaching solutions are:
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Best at reducing sensitivity
  • Stronger and more concentrated
  • Monitored by dental staff

Ready to add brilliance and beauty to your natural smile?

Contact the team at Miami Modern Dental in Miami, FL to book your consultation appointment to learn more about the added benefit of professional whitening solutions. Call the front office at (786) 338-9228 and take the first step in revolutionary brightening treatment options.

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