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The team at Miami Modern Dental welcomes patients who have dull, discolored smiles. Improving the appearance of the teeth can be achieved with professional whitening options. During an initial consultation appointment, patients are welcome to ask Drs. Marlon Pasquier Sr. and Marlon Pasquier Jr. about permanent whitening solutions.

What is teeth bleaching?

A cosmetic procedure commonly requested at Miami Modern Dental is professional whitening, or “bleaching.” When patients notice their teeth becoming discolored and losing their natural brilliance, they may want to find ways to enhance their smiles. While there are many over-the-counter options available for patients interested in whitening their smiles, many fall short of providing noticeable results. Additionally, patients may experience sensitivity when they are using these products. However, with professional whitening products, patients notice faster, more amazing results without the problems often associated with alternative options.

What whitening options are available?

Our practice is proud to offer two methods of whitening for our patients:
  • In-office power bleaching. Whitening in just one day is easily accomplished with in-office power bleaching. This treatment is available at our practice and allows patients to achieve results quickly and easily in just a single appointment. Patients come into our practice for a thorough cleaning of the smile, and then relax as we apply special light-activated bleaching gel onto the surfaces of the teeth. It pulls stains from deep within the natural tooth enamel for a brighter smile within one hour!
  • Take-home whitening kits. As an alternative to in-office power bleaching, we offer take-home whitening kits. These kits include custom whitening trays made from impressions of the smile and used with professional-strength bleaching gel. Patients wear their trays each day for approximately twenty minutes with the gel to achieve whiter teeth within a few weeks. The benefits of take-home whitening kits include cost, control, and the ability to periodically brighten the smile over time for permanent results. Additionally, patients can combine the take-home whitening kits with in-office power bleaching to achieve an even brighter smile.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

The teeth are known for naturally staining over time due to the foods and beverages patients consume on a regular basis. Dull teeth may also be genetic. However, with professional teeth whitening options, patients can enjoy results that last several months. While not permanent, patients can achieve long-term results by using take-home whitening kits and touching up their smile as needed. This is incredibly important for patients who have restorations that are already made to match their brighter smile. If the teeth become discolored, the porcelain restorations may begin to stand out as dental repairs.

Which whitening solution is appropriate for me?

Choosing a professional whitening system that is best for you should be done with great care. Each patient has unique needs as well as specific goals as to what they would like to achieve with their dental treatments. Patients who have extra time on their hands to achieve a whiter smile and are looking for a lower-cost alternative may be interested in going ahead with the take-home trays. However, patients who want a “once and done” experience may want to speak to our professionals during a consultation appointment about the advantages of the in-office power bleaching. While both are safe and effective, choosing a treatment is entirely up to our patients.

What alternatives are available?

Outside of professional whitening products, patients can make their teeth appear whiter with certain restorations, including composite resin bonding and porcelain veneers. These options are discussed during the initial consultation appointment with our patients.

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