Patient in Miami, FL area ask, how does professional teeth whitening work to brighten the smile?

Patients in the area of Miami, FL who are interested in whitening their smile may feel overwhelmed at the choices available to them. While the local drugstore may have a variety of options, including toothpastes, pens, trays, and strips, many of these can fall short of providing the results patients desire. Instead, the team at Miami Modern Dental encourages patients to consider the advantages of alternatives such as professional teeth whitening.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

Professional teeth whitening is highly desirable for several reasons. Working with a dental team to brighten the smile ensures:
  • Affordability
  • Amazing results
  • Optimum comfort
  • Longer brightening
  • Less sensitivity
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Higher concentration of bleaching product
  • Better fitted whitening trays
  • Faster improvements

There are two methods of whitening available at Miami Modern Dental for patient consideration, and these include our fast and familiar in-office bleaching treatment and our take-home kits. The in-office power bleaching is achieved with the help of the dental staff, including the dental hygienists. This method begins with a cleaning of the teeth, and then the application of the professional-strength bleaching gels onto the surfaces of the teeth. The ingredients are activated with a specialized light and can lift stains from deep within the enamel. The teeth are cleaned again, and patients leave with a smile that is several shades whiter than when they arrived.

On the other hand, patients may also consider the benefits of the take-home whitening kits. These are similar to those available over-the-counter, but with custom whitening trays and professional-strength gels. The gel is applied to the inside of the custom trays and are worn for a specific period of time by the patient in the privacy of their own home. Patients will do this daily until they achieve the desired results. These whitening products are more affordable for patients and provide a gradual improvement in the appearance of the smile.

Which whitening method is right for me?

At Miami Modern Dental, our dentists may make a recommendation for a patient based on their initial encounter with them during their consultation visit. Some patients want results immediately and under the care and attention of a dental professional. These patients are best suited for the in-office bleaching sessions. However, other patients may be seeking a treatment that allows for gradual enhancement, affordability, and the ability to whiten as long as necessary to achieve results. These individuals are better suited for the take-home whitening kits. By speaking with the professionals in our office, we can help patients make an educated decision regarding their cosmetic needs.

Is teeth bleaching safe?

Thanks to continued advances in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening has become a safe and appropriate way for patients to enhance their smiles. While professional-grade whitening methods are stronger in concentration than anything available over-the-counter, our team walks patients through the process to ensure they safely use their whitening kits to reduce burning of the gum tissue and increased sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and foods. We educate patients on how to use the brightening products safely.

Who is a candidate for professional teeth whitening?

Most patients who have a smile free from dental restorations are considered appropriate candidates for professional teeth whitening. Patients who have restorations such as crowns, bridges, or veneers who are serious about achieving a new smile may want to ask our dental team about replacement of their dental restorations upon completion of their whitening treatment. These patients need to be dedicated to continually whitening their smile to ensure their natural tooth enamel matches that of their dental restorations. Otherwise, restorations will be extremely noticeable and will not match the rest of the smile.

Ready to get started in brightening your smile?

Whether you are brightening your smile for an upcoming wedding or reunion or want to just improve the brilliance of your natural teeth, we welcome you to Miami Modern Dental for a consultation visit with our team. With both in-office and take-home whitening solutions, it is easier than ever for patients to enjoy a beautiful smile once and for all! Call our team at (786) 338-9228 to schedule a consultation appointment to ask about this and other cosmetic solutions available at 7155 West Flagler Street.

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