Dentist in Miami, FL explains the importance of root canal treatment to save a compromised tooth

While the phrase “root canal” can incite groans from nearly anyone who hears it, a root canal treatment can actually bring immense relief to a patient suffering from tooth pain due to infection, decay, or trauma. At Miami Modern Dental in Miami, FL, Dr. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Dr. Marlon Pasquier, Jr. are always happy to discuss the importance of root canal treatment with patients for whom it is recommended, as well as answer any questions that they have about what to expect.

Root canals explained

A root canal, also called “endodontic therapy,” is a procedure that is done by a qualified dentist to remove damaged or infected tissues and nerves from the pulp chamber or the inner part of the tooth. If you experience intense tooth pain when biting down, sensitivity when you are consuming hot or cold beverages or foods or have a darkened tooth or swollen gums near the area that your tooth hurts, you may need a root canal. Other treatments may also be available to help save the tooth if the issue is detected early enough.

Diagnosis and treatment

The first step in determining whether a root canal is necessary is to have your teeth examined at Miami Modern Dental. The dentist will take x-rays of your teeth to determine the source of the pain, whether there is an infection, and if so, how extensive it is. If a root canal is needed, we will schedule it promptly so you can get relief from pain as soon as possible.

During the procedure, the dentist accesses the pulp chamber by drilling a small hole in the tooth and then using special instruments to remove the contents of the chamber. The area is then cleaned and sanitized, then filled with a special material called gutta percha. Finally, the dentist fills the hole in your tooth and then typically places a custom-made dental crown over the tooth to protect it and restore its function. The whole procedure is performed with effective local anesthetics so that you are comfortable for the whole duration, and afterward, patients find tremendous relief from the pain that brought them to the dentist in the first place.

Why a root canal may be needed

A root canal may need to be performed for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Traumatic damage to the tooth
  • Cracks or chips in a tooth
  • Tooth decay that has penetrated into the deeper layers of the tooth
  • Multiple procedures repeated on the same tooth
  • Infection in the pulp of the tooth

How root canal treatment can benefit you

The benefits of living without pain that interrupts your sleep, work, and home life cannot be understated! When Dr. Pasquier recommends a root canal to a patient, it is typically because it is the best option for saving the natural tooth. Otherwise, a painful tooth extraction may be necessary, which then needs to be followed up with costly and time-consuming tooth restoration procedures, such as dental implants or bridges. If an extracted tooth is not replaced, it can cause problems with your bite and temporomandibular joints (TMJ), as well as bone loss in your jaw and a sunken look in your face. Nothing compares to your natural tooth in terms of appearance, feel, and function, so a root canal truly is the best option in many cases when an extraction is the only alternative.

Even better, root canals have a very high success rate—in fact, it is estimated that 95% of root canal procedures are successful, and they can last a lifetime if you take care of your teeth well with regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings and check-ups.

Stop suffering and call today

Whether you have been living with tooth pain for a while or have sudden onset tooth pain, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible so you can increase your chances of saving your natural tooth. Oftentimes, a root canal can be avoided if a problem is diagnosed and treated early enough! At Miami Modern Dental, our dentists provide compassionate, gentle care and we are open until 7:00 pm on weekdays for your convenience. Call us today at (786) 338-9228 to start living pain-free again!

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