Dentist in Miami, FL area describes the benefit of root canal therapy

At Miami Modern Dental, our father and son dental team provides Miami, FL area patients with solutions for improving the health and beauty of their smiles. When it comes to the unexpected, it is important to have a dentist on your side to provide effective treatment. There are many benefits to having a procedure called root canal therapy done to save a natural tooth from extraction.

Purpose of root canal therapy

Several situations may require treatment with root canal therapy. Below is just a sample of the problems that could arise that can benefit from this procedure:
  • A tooth has an extremely large cavity that has reached the dental pulp within the tooth
  • The development of an abscess
  • Infection of the dental pulp inside the canals of the tooth
  • Damage or trauma to the natural tooth structure that affects the dental pulp

What is root canal therapy?

Sometimes referred to as endodontic therapy, root canal therapy can provide patients with a way of saving a natural tooth from permanent removal. The treatment requires the dentist to access the inner portion of the tooth, where the dental pulp resides. The dental pulp is a mass of tissues that fills the tooth and houses the blood supply and nerves of the natural tooth. When this has been impacted or infected, it can become extremely painful. By removing the dental pulp, the pain is eliminated and the area within the teeth can be disinfected to address any bacteria that may be present. Once the area has been disinfected, the tooth is sealed with gutta percha and composite resin bonding to ensure bacteria does not enter into the canals and result in further infection. In many cases, a dental crown may be placed over the top of the tooth to provide an extra layer of protection and strength over the structure which can become weak and brittle.

Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

Most patients who have the above situations occur to them are considered appropriate candidates for root canal therapy. There is no other treatment that can resolve these issues, and without root canal therapy, patients are faced with a permanent extraction of the natural tooth. Not only does this affect the health and function of the smile, but there are added costs and complications involved in replacing the tooth. Replacements may include dentures, bridges, or dental implants. When patients are experiencing pain beyond just a standard toothache or deep cavity, they may benefit from endodontic treatments such as this.

How do I know if I need root canal therapy?

An assessment from the dental team at Miami Modern Dental is important to determine if patients can use endodontic treatment to bring their smile back to health. In some instances, a toothache may be an indication of another issue that may be addressed with another treatment. For example, a toothache may be a sign of a cavity that needs to be filled by the dentist, or an impacted tooth underneath the gum line. Because of this, it is important that an evaluation be done. Evaluating the smile for the most appropriate treatment often includes a physical examination by the dentist as well as x-rays to check the health of the smile underneath the gums. If patients require treatment, our dental team will walk them through the process of addressing the issue and restoring oral health and wellness.

Does root canal therapy hurt?

Many patients associate the term “root canal” with pain. Fortunately, the procedure itself is done while patients are properly sedated and anesthetized. In fact, it is pain that often brings patients into our practice for treatment to eliminate the pain, which is what is accomplished by performing endodontic therapy.

Learn more about root canal therapy as an option for saving an affected tooth

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