Dentist in Miami, FL describes the reasons why patients may have an extraction of the wisdom teeth

When patients learn about their wisdom teeth, or the third molars, they may be unsure as to why so many patients undergo extraction. Dr. Marlon Pasquier and the team of professionals at Miami Modern Dental explain the many reasons why patients in the Miami, FL community and beyond may consider having these “late bloomers” extracted from the smile.

What are the wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth are the third molars that often erupt through the gum line sometime during the late teen years or early adulthood. However, many patients have difficulty with these teeth. Often, there is not enough room within the mouth for the teeth to erupt through the gum line, causing them to become painful because they are impacted underneath the gums. This impaction means that they are unable to come up through the gum line and therefore turn towards the rest of the teeth, pushing them and resulting in discomfort. For other patients, the teeth may come through the gum line, but because of their positions so far in the back of the smile, they can be difficult to brush and floss, making them a prime candidate for developing tooth decay or contributing to the development of periodontal disease. Additionally, patients who have had orthodontic work completed and do not want to risk their smile being pushed out of alignment may also elect to have these teeth removed surgically before they erupt to protect their newly aligned smile.

Do we need our wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth are not considered necessary, so they can be removed from the smile without any long-term complications.

When should wisdom teeth be removed?

Most patients have their wisdom teeth removed at some point during their teenage years or as a young adult, depending on their specific situation and the needs of the patient.

What types of extraction are available for wisdom teeth?

At Miami Modern Dental, our father and son team proudly offer two primary methods of removal:
  • Simple extraction – a simple extraction is the removal of a tooth done while patients are awake with local anesthetics to ensure comfort. This method requires the tooth to be outside of the gum line and easily accessible to the dentist. A specialized instrument is used to grab onto the tooth and carefully wedge it out of the bone and away from the gum line. This type of extraction takes just a few minutes and ensures faster healing times.
  • Surgical extraction – for patients who have impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth that have not yet come through the gum line, surgical extraction is required. Surgical tooth extractions are done with proper anesthetics and sometimes sedation that can cause patients to relax during their procedure. The dentist needs to cut into the gum line to access the tooth, during which it is manually extracted either as a single piece or as several pieces, depending on how deep in the bone the tooth resides. This type of extraction sometimes requires stitches and more extended healing time than a simple extraction but can be done when the teeth are not visible in the smile. This is done for impaction or for preventative removals.

Which type of extraction is appropriate for my smile?

When patients undergo an initial consultation and evaluation appointment with their dentist, they can ask about the types of extraction and decide which one is appropriate. Most times, wisdom teeth are removed surgically, unless they have erupted through the gum line and are easily accessible by the dentist. During the initial examination, the dentist may take x-rays to determine the best course of treatment. In some situations, the teeth may be removed with a combination of surgical extractions and simple extractions.

Interested in finding out if you are a viable candidate for wisdom teeth extraction?

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