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Why Is It Necessary To Extract Wisdom Teeth?

Most adults will get a third set of molars, usually four teeth.  We call these wisdom teeth because they are the last to grow in, presumably when you are older and wiser.

Because they come in late, jaw space is already used up by other teeth, often causing third molars to come in crooked or even horizontally, damaging the placement of healthy teeth.  And since you can get more than four wisdom teeth (these are called supernumerary teeth), crowding can be even worse.  Brushing and flossing properly becomes a challenge, leading to decay and gum disease.

Some wisdom teeth don’t make it all the way through the bone or gum.  These impacted wisdom teeth cause pain in the joint of the jaw, and mouth soreness.  If they are partially through, food gets trapped under the gum resulting in infection and decay.

These problems may not be obvious for quite awhile.  Over time wisdom teeth get bigger and their roots go deeper, making extraction more difficult.  Once complications occur, the situation is painful and requires an emergency extraction.

Early removal of wisdom teeth, usually recommended at a teen or young adult age, has these benefits:

  • The procedure is planned, at your convenience.  You are spared the pain of a flare up, and the inconvenience of dental crisis.
  • Recovery time is faster.
  • As a patient ages, the risk of health complications increases.
  • Removal is less involved since teeth and roots are smaller.
  • Alignment of your adjacent teeth is not compromised.
  • Chance of decay of adjacent teeth, due to difficult brushing and flossing, is minimized.
  • You’ll reduce your risk of gum disease from inability to keep your mouth clean.
  • You will avoid infection from entrapped food at a partially-emerged wisdom tooth.
  • There will be no chance for a cyst (fluid-filled sac) to form around an impacted wisdom tooth, possibly damaging surrounding tissue and bone.

Planned removal of wisdom teeth can help ensure a healthy mouth for a lifetime!

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