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Very good and gentle dentist; the work is excellent. The doctor is very patient with me. He’s been my dentist for over 25 years. Everything is perfect during my office visits.

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The loss of natural teeth is an unfortunately common problem. Maybe you neglected your oral health in the past, suffered a traumatic injury, or have a medical condition that compromised your oral health. No matter what the reason, once you have lost a tooth you might think your smile is ruined. Think again! Drs. Pasquier, at Miami Modern Dental, can restore the beauty, health, and functionality of your smile. They offer a number of tooth replacement options, although the dental implant is considered the premier option for most patients.

You might imagine an artificial tooth when you hear the term “dental implant.” However, it only replaces part of the tooth – the part that you never see. A natural tooth is larger than it looks. The exposed portion of the tooth is known as the crown, and the root is the portion that is hidden below the gumline.

Why replace the root

Although you may never see them, tooth roots serve several vital functions. They extend all the way into the jawbone, which gives teeth rock-solid stability. When you bite down on something, that force is transferred to the bone. While you might expect this to cause wear and tear on the bone tissue, it is actually the exact opposite. Just as exercise stimulates muscles to grow and strengthen, the stimulation of tooth roots keeps the jawbone strong and healthy.

Once a tooth has been lost, the jawbone begins to melt away due to lack of stimulation. Traditional tooth replacement options, such as removable dentures and fixed bridges, replace only the crown part of the tooth. They rest on the gums, or they are supported by other teeth. Neither of these options helps your jawbone and may even hasten the bone loss. Additionally, many patients find dentures to be uncomfortable and bridges difficult to clean under.

The dental implant is the ideal solution to all of these common problems. It is surgically implanted into the bone, providing a stable, healthy base for a dental restoration. Implants can be used to support dentures, bridges, or crowns to replace any number of missing teeth. Thanks to the doctors’ artistic talents and unsurpassed attention to detail, your new tooth or teeth will look so natural that no one will guess you’ve had dental work.

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