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How Has Technology Improved Cosmetic Dentistry?

Technology has played a very large part in the advancement of cosmetic dentistry procedures, techniques, and restorations. Cosmetic dentists are able to continue to provide beautiful, natural-looking smiles over the years as technologies, materials, and techniques improve and advance. More natural--and safer--techniques allow patients to enjoy better results, faster appointments, and more effective treatments.

Just within the last ten years, laser dentistry has become extremely popular as an easy, effective, and painless way of treating patients comfortably. While laser dentistry is not offered at every dental office, the techniques used will eventually transcend into other dental procedures and provide patients with precise treatments and care.

Techniques in surgical procedures, gum and tissue contouring, and restorative fabrications allow us to do more now than ever before. Dental concerns that were unable to be addressed by cosmetic dentists twenty years ago now have viable, affordable solutions. From veneers to crowns, teeth whitening to invisible braces, there are a variety of treatments for every dental problem.

The quality of dental materials have also improved, not only allowing restorations to appear completely natural-looking, but stronger and more durable. This allows them to last longer and need less replacement over time. Having higher-quality materials for dental restorations allow better, more elegant results.

Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental continues to train and educate himself on the changing technologies and techniques of cosmetic dentistry. With extensive educational opportunities available, including seminars and conferences, Dr. Pasquier makes time to learn more about new technological procedures and products that can help his patients.

With over 30 years of experience, his practice will continue to change and expand its services to offer new and improved ways of treating and assisting patients. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Pasquier of Miami Modern Dental, and find out how today's technology can help transform your smile!

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