Improve your smile with PowerProx six month braces in Miami, FL

At Miami Modern Dental, patients in the Miami, FL area have many different treatments available to help patients improve their smiles. Our professionals, including our father and son team, Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and his son, Marlon Jr., provide solutions such as non-traditional braces to address problems such as misalignment. Our staff is proud to offer treatments including the popular Powerprox six month braces.

What are six month braces?

Powerprox is a company that has developed a type of treatment that is used for achieving a beautifully aligned smile in a much shorter period of time than more traditional braces. Our dentists find that this method of treatment is a great way for patients to address mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth without having to undergo years of conventional orthodontics. This method uses tooth-colored brackets and wires on the teeth to slowly reposition the teeth into better alignment. It is effective, affordable, and fast!

What about their appearance?

Because six month braces are made with tooth-colored appliances, they are far less noticeable on the smile than more conventional methods. Our dentists also provide this treatment as lingual braces. This means that the brackets and wires can be placed behind the teeth and not on the front. This provides the same results but keeps the appliances hidden from others. We encourage patients to ask about using braces in a lingual manner to achieve the results they want while ensuring they look as beautiful as ever!

What are the benefits of six month braces?

Patients interested in improving the smile when misalignment is present may want to ask about this particular treatment and find out if they are an appropriate candidate for undergoing this process. Our dentists want patients to book a consultation visit to assess the smile and determine candidacy before proceeding with these types of braces. Mild to moderate misalignment can be addressed using this method. Then, patients will be able to enjoy the advantages of using six month braces. Benefits include:
  • Faster realignment
  • Less noticeable appliances
  • The option to enjoy lingual braces
  • Affordability
  • Effective movement of the smile in a shorter period of time
  • Easy changes and adjustments at the dental office
  • The ability to undergo treatment with a dentist patients already know and trust without a referral

Will the results be the same as traditional braces?

Patients who choose this faster treatment may be worried that they will not be able to achieve the same long-lasting results as they could with more traditional methods. However, the treatment results with six month braces are just as effective and long-lasting as those with traditional metal bracket and wire braces available through an orthodontist. Patients will also want to obtain a retainer which can be worn at night to maintain alignment over time—this is the same maintenance option available with an orthodontist after traditional braces have been used to achieve results.

What if I have overcrowding?

Patients who have too many teeth in the mouth may be diagnosed with a problem such as overcrowding. When there is not enough space for the teeth to be properly aligned, patients may have several rows of teeth, crooked teeth, or other issues such as impacted teeth. Our team of professionals can assess the smile and determine if the permanent extraction of several teeth can be done prior to orthodontic work to make room for moving the teeth into their proper positions. X-rays may be taken and the process can be discussed with our patients before moving forward.

Schedule time with our dentists to find out more about Powerprox six month braces

Drs. Marlon Pasquier, Sr. and Marlon Pasquier, Jr. are dedicated professionals ready and willing to help patients with their dental concerns. If you are interested in realigning the smile with a fast, effective, and less noticeable option than traditional orthodontics, we welcome you to call us at (786) 338-9228 to book a visit with our team for an initial consultation visit. At Miami Modern Dental, we can assess the patient’s smile and find out if this or any other solution is right for the treatment of misaligned teeth. Our practice is conveniently located at 7155 West Flagler Street in Miami, Florida and accepts new patients.

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