Obtain affordable, quality dental care from Miami, FL dentist

At Miami Modern Dental, we believe that preventative and necessary dental care solutions should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We try to offer a wide range of treatment options and quality solutions for many dental concerns to ensure that we can assist and accommodate as many patients as possible. Since every patient is different, so is the cost of their treatment. With this in mind, we encourage Miami, FL area patients seeking a new dentist to strongly consider the advantages of obtaining affordable care at Miami Modern Dental.

Getting the care you need at the price you can pay

We understand that visiting the dentist gives many patients anxiety, especially when it comes to paying for necessary dental work. Our dentists are a father and son team that believe in helping patients as they would their own family. Dental work can be expensive, and unexpected costs may arise. Our professional front office staff can work with patients to ensure they can obtain the care they need.

Financing options

Our practice offers a range of financing options that make treatment costs lower and more affordable for many. Some of the payment choices available include:
  • Cash payment – our practice allows patients to pay upfront for their dental work using cash.
  • Debit/credit cards – patients with more expensive dental work may want to pay for their treatment using a debit or credit card. Some credit cards offer special incentives for patients such as 0% financing for several months when dental work is charged to the card. Speak to your credit card company about financing options such as this for your next dental visit.
  • Dental insurance – many patients obtain dental insurance coverage through their place of employment. Patients who have dental insurance are encouraged to bring the paperwork into our office and present it to our front office team. Our providers can connect with the dental insurance group to learn more about what is covered in the patient’s plan. Some dental work may be covered in full, such as cleanings and examinations.
  • Payment plans – we know that a sizeable dental bill can be a burden on a family that may already be tight on their budget. The professionals at our practice are here to help with flexible payment plan options for dental treatment. We invite patients to speak to us about their needs and see if we can arrange a payment plan that suits everyone’s needs!
  • HSAs – some of our patients contribute money into a health savings account, or an HSA. Most dental work can be paid for in this manner to reduce the out-of-pocket expense to a patient or family for necessary treatments.

What steps do I need to take to obtain financing information?

Patients who have dental insurance plans should bring their plan cards with them to their appointment. When filling out the initial paperwork, please speak to our front office providers initially to learn more about the benefits covered. If you do not have dental insurance, ask about financing plans and payment plans that can be used to address your dental needs. During the appointment, our dentists will advise patients as to the treatments they may require for better oral health. Patients with a quote for their dental work can then consider their payment options before scheduling their next appointment. Our front office team works daily with dental insurance plans as well as patients who do not have them. These professionals can walk patients through the solutions available to them that can lighten the burden of a large dental bill. We understand that unexpected costs can put patients in a tough position financially, and we are willing to offer structured payment plans to make treatment possible. Financing information and questions can be forwarded to this team on the day of the appointment.

Request an appointment at Miami Modern Dental today

Miami, FL area patients seeking quality and affordable dental care are encouraged to book a consultation visit with our dentists to discuss their oral health needs. We want to make dental care is attainable for families by providing financing and payment options. Call (786) 338-9228 to speak to our front office team about an office tour.

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